Sunday, September 4, 2011

Close Encounter with Mickey

Xye went to Loc Andre's son of our fried Abel 3rd Birthday yesterday. Since it was his first time to attend a party (we don't bring him to such event yet because he's still young), he was just observing what was happening around him.

Mama Jan & Baby Xye

picture..picture with Andre's Mom & Dad, Mickey and Ninang Nice

with Ninang Nice, Mickey and Ate Joy

lastly, Xye's little talk with Mickey Mouse

I thought he will cry if he'll see a huge head mascot, but bravely he did not, that means he's ready for another mascot encounter on his 1st birthday, soon. Exciting!

Smiling SallyMellowYellowMondayBadge


  1. It looks like a very fun Birthday party! Your son is adorable! I love sweet babies. They make me smile!

  2. He must be so amazed with mickey mouse, mine is up and its here thanks SAHM’s Online Diary

  3. yeah, soon...i guess, malapit na tlg ang grand day ni baby xye :)

  4. wow! good thing he didn't get scared of Mickey!
    visiting for GM! :)
    Pinay Mom in Germany

  5. How cute! It looks like your little boy enjoyed his first party!

  6. a birthday to remember..looks so much fun in there. visiting from BM!

  7. I love Mickey and Minnie Mouse when I was a child. Looks like not only kids had a blast but adults too. :) Thanks for sharing us the fun.

  8. Hello Mickey and baby:)

    visiting from MYM!

    Hope to hear from you:)

  9. Ooh, looks he really enjoy seeing Mickey, i can't wait to see his 1st birthday pictures. Thank you for joining!


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