Wednesday, September 21, 2011

GT: Orange

I wanted to share my previous post which is orange-color dominated but those orangey umbrellas are not mine so I had to look for something that I own with this week's GT color.

Because I'm nearsighted I usually wear my eyeglasses only during trainings, seminars and meetings were there are data being projected on screens. I forgot that my eyeglasses case is actually color orange. For the love of orange, I wanted an orange glassess frame but unfortunately there was none available at the clinic that time so I settled for a grayish blue frame instead.

Before going, let me tell you what nearsightedness is. Accordingly, nearsightedness or myopia is an eye condition were you see objects blurry at a distance. This is because the shape of the eyeball became oval instead of the supposedly round shape. The light entering the eye is focused incorrectly and does not reach the retina at the back of the eyeball, thus this results to blurred vision.