Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Dollars from Blogging

Though I have started blogging like January last year for this blog Deliciously Spicy Moments and July 2009 for Life's Concealed Details and not so actively updating and joining sites that offer sponsored reviews, I was able to get few $ from it. With such amount I'm very much contented considering blogging is not my main source of income and I'm honestly not good in it. But I still strive to write anything with sense or non-sense with goal in mind, to practice my English writing skill.

I have joined some sites that offers opportunities and so far I had few from Blogvertise, SocialSpark and Ask2link. Thank goodness they gave me some. So far these are the figures that I have received from start until now.

Blogvertise - $24.5
Ask2Link - $12.5

and today I have just cashed out my funds from SocialSpark and they gave me

woah! my biggest earning so far and it was sent into my paypal account.
Thanks so Much!

I thought at first it's easy to earn money from blogging but it's not, you have to work for it, as in work the hardest for it.