Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Preloved Fischer Price Booster Seat

I've found a new booster seat online to replaced the now damaged Ritchell inflatable seat. This time a plastic booster seat from Fischer-Price that I have bought in an online shop. Although it's a preloved item, but it's still in good condition and I got it at P800.00 only. I believed this item will cost me around P2000 to P3000 if brand new. A tipid find for a tipid mom like me.

Here's my little Xye sitting on his new (old) seat while eating his favorite snack, Gerber Squash.

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  1. my kids never tasted gerber foods. mashed homemade food haha :D
    my OT

  2. hala..big na si baby:) visiting from WW Jan..see yah! have a great day!

  3. She looks ready to eat!


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  4. nam nam daw, ingon si baby Xye hehe. Visiting from OT. See yah

  5. panghatag heheh...tsalap tsalap..Visiting WW.

  6. Whatta cutie and adorable babe. Pa-hug nga ;-)

  7. awww :) cute baby. comfy-ng comfy sa booster seat nya ^^

    thanks for visiting me thru WW :)

    see you around!

  8. Sarap naman ng kain ng baby!!! Yun sanang kawayan na booster seat, lol namimiss ko na yun galing sa palengke. hehhe salamat sa dalaw!

  9. Ahahaha. Ka-cute sa batang nagkabulingit sa food. Getting big na jud si baby, paspas ang panahon kay ma-pulihan na man si booster seat! :)

    This is a late visit for WW. If you haven't yet, you might want to check out my white shares, too!
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    Shasta Daisy
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    Xoxo Bargain
    If you have, a big thanks and see you next time! :)

  10. It's cool to be tipid. I think as long as the item was well taken cared of by the former owner, it would be as good as new.

    Thanks for the visit to my page :) Happy weekend!

  11. Oh such an adorable baby you have! such booster seat was a good deal! visiting from WW.
    I'm a new follower :)


  12. what a smiling cute little boy! i always love your photos posted about him, Jan! I am so blessed to "see " him grow. :)

    thanks for the OT visit! visiting you back..

  13. here again, Jan!

    Visiting as a host and as a participant from

  14. ayay....such a cutie...sorry for the late visit!

  15. ooh, adorable , your baby is a darling. i would be months before my baby starts to eat and i do hope it will be soon. thanks for sharing.

  16. hi! i just want to ask where you bought your booster seat. i want to buy one as well.. TIA! =)


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