Monday, September 26, 2011

Two Hours Fun at Maxima

I decided not to go with the group, when they went straight home after our company's sportsfest culmination activity in Davao City last September 16, 2011.

I stayed for two more days, with main reason to go on toys hunting for my son and my online shop. After I’ve done everything I needed to do, Jefer, Charry and I went to Samal Island for a little adventure.

We arrived at Maxima Aqua Fun in the Island Garden City of Samal around 4PM. We wanted to try their Fun Aquatic activities, which they have a lot but unfortunately we arrived late and some of it will be closed in few minutes. So instead, we headed straight and tried the longest slides in Davao City. The 40 meters tarpaulin slides that will drop us off to the open sea of Davao Gulf.

I was afraid at first because I do not know how to swim but my friend told me that it’s okay because we’ll be wearing life vest. I asked Jefer to do the slide first and wait for me at the end, I was trembling and too terrified to scream but still I forced myself to try, and in just approximately 6 seconds I landed in a very deep sea water. With the life vest on, I floated and Jefer held me right away.

too afraid.. can't even

That was one heck of a fear factor challenge, after that one super duper terrifying slide, my fear was washed away and I’m ready to take another round. I actually did the slides 5 times. Lol..

i did it!
Just staying at the resort for 2 hours was one fun and exciting moment. I vowed to return in that place again, this time with hubby and the rest of the gang.

sharing this water adventure for

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