Monday, October 10, 2011

2 Sets of Demitasse Cups

My friend and her group when to China for an "Equipment Factory Acceptance Test" two weeks ago, and because they we're given time to roam around the city, she was able to find a Starbucks Coffee Shop in the area (which I earnestly asked her too) and bought this first set of China-Guanzhou demitasse cups.

While waiting for their flight back to Manila, Ann was able to buy another set at Hong Kong Airport this time it's a China-HongKong set of demitasse cups.

I was so happy to receive these pasalubongs from her, though I paid for these but the effort she exerted in looking and hand carrying these pieces for me is priceless.

Anyway, what are Demitasse Cups?

Demitasse is a french word that means "half cup". A porcelain cup half the size of a regular mug that can hold 2 to 3 ounces of fluid, usually use to serve espresso. Pronounced as dem-ME-toss

The Demitasse Cups above are the collector series of Starbucks Coffee.

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