Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Annual Physical Examination

Today is our scheduled Annual Physical Examination, one of the yearly privilege that the company I worked in gives to his employees.

The test conducted we're

Complete Blood Count - also known as full blood count is one of the commonly done test in medicine. The normal and abnormal counts of cells in the bloodstream may determine many forms of diseases in the body.

Urinalysis - is a simple test where in urine samples are used to diagnose and screen many diseases. Results of urinalysis can be helpful in diagnosing urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, diabetes, etc.

Fecalysis - also known as stool analysis is done in fecal samples to determine condition of a person's digestive tract, analyze bacterial infection and check for presence of any reducing substances such as sugar, white blood cells, etc.

Chest X-ray, ECG and Eye Examination for employees 39 years old and below we're also done. Lower abdomen we're also conducted to employees with ages 40 and above and papsmear also for women 40 years old and above.

I arrived at the venue before 8am this morning but was not able to complete my test. At least 50 employees we're scheduled for today's test and since I'm a little bit late I have to fall in line with the rest of the employees and had took me more than two hours to have my turn in the blood extraction. Imagine, how hungry I am and how my head aches because I never had my breakfast purposely for the test?

Anyway, at least I'm done with some of the most important test, and since I had to get back to work because of some urgent reports that need to be submitted I had to re-schedule the remaining tests (eye examination, urinalysis and fecalysis) tomorrow.

The picture below is we're the blood sample was extracted.

I wasn't able to collect urine and stool sample yet thus these containers are still empty. I'll do it early tomorrow and I hope to be first on the line.

Thanks to our management for giving this free annual tests.

Have a Nice Day!

My skin is a little bit brown considerable for Thursday Brownies