Monday, October 3, 2011

Baby Wants to Drive

This little fellow loves to act as a little driver, sitting next to his father so that he can hold on to the steering wheel and sometimes hold on the gear shift with the other hand.

When his dad went out for a while, this little fellow took charge and had the seat on his own. Of course I was there to support him and take photos. lol..

Little Xye was trying to sound the horn...

But was not able too. Looks like he's asking my help...

But mom did not understand his what he wanted to say, instead I just took his photo. lol

In our observation, Xye really likes to hold to anything inside that car that is moving, and his favorite is the gear shift because it vibrates.

Thus, to make it more fun for him, I bought this learn to drive toy from Fisher-Price in a surplus shop, a good as new pre-loved item from the US and paid it at P580.00.

He loves to play with "The Rumble & Learn Driver by Fisher-Price" because the steering wheel and the shift gear indeed rumbles as Xye turns the wheel and changes the gear. And because it has 3 modes of play, we can select other mode in case this little fellow gets bore.

Another educational toy find. Shared for...

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  1. How adorable! A driver in the making :D

  2. He is a cutie Mommy, loves to explores, remember my son used to that in his Dad's truck, cute toy :-) visiting for Red Hot Monday, hope that you can visit me back too

  3. Aww, so cute baby. You remind me of my two baby boys :)
    My RT posts are in my Love home grow garden and The jolly toes blogs. hope you can visit.

  4. Cutie little driver and the toy is such a steal! Jan, baka same tayo ng pinupuntahang surplus shop.LOL.

    Thanks for joining Red Hot Mondays!

  5. Your baby is adorable, and looks very eager to learn to drive. The colors of the Fisher -Price toy fit Ruby Tuesday as well as the blanket underneath. Congratulations on baby's 10th month, such a pretty blue cake with a Nemo fish.

  6. Nice pictures, tender and charming.

  7. He'll be a good driver someday :)

  8. future F1 racer,hehe cuteboy daming hair...

    visiting for RHM!

    all the best,

  9. wag mong ibangga ha?LOL!

    thanks for dropping by at my RHM's a hug back to yoU!!! have a great week ahead!

  10. Hola Jan. Lingaw ko tan-aw sa imong baby. Maayo pa sya, gatuon ug drive. Ang uban pareho nako wa juy effort magtuon, LOL!

    Late visit here. Thanks for commenting at

    See yah!

  11. aw, he is such a darling, and obviously can't wait 'til he's 18 to drive! hahaha. so cute sis! thanks for sharing and very sorry for this late visit. We were out for a week. ;)Linky will be up midnight Pinas time.. hope to see you again this week!


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