Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hoshigirl Blogversary Giveaway

I stumbled upon another ongoing giveaway while visiting Orange Tuesday host Shengkay. Though I'm not that lucky in giveaways, I'm still trying my luck here, who knows I might be the lucky girl this time and win those fabulous and cute prizes from Hoshigirl.

The Prizes at stake are:

First Prize
  • $15 sent via Paypal
  • 1 year domain (.com / .net / .org) + hosting from Hex Solutions
  • Domo mini plush
  • Gold peace sign necklace from Yhansy
  • Floral bracelet from Forever 21
  • Floral belt
  • Eiffel Tower travelmate pen

  • Second Prize

  • $10 sent via Paypal
  • Cute girl necklace from Forever 21
  • Domo earphones
  • Kawaii daily planner
  • Kawaii sticky set
  • Cat stationery
  • Japanese girl pen

  • Third Prize

  • $5 sent via Paypal
  • Love & Beauty lipgloss from Forever 21
  • Domo cellphone charms
  • Bear stationery
  • Glitter glue set
  • Fashion skirt notepad
  • Penguin clay pen

  • And also, you can win $10 if you refer most number of participants. Since, you're already here why not list me as your referrer.

    Visit Hoshigirl now and let's all join the fun.