Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Safari Animals Costumes

Months before, I was torn between two party themes for my son's birthday, Woody of Toy Story or Jungle Safari. My mind was 75% set to take the Toy Story theme, I started my quest by searching the internet for online shop selling Woody's costume, but wasn't able to find one with size the fits a 1 year old boy. I thought of having it made in a local dress shop but out of a sudden I change my mind.

Yep! I did dropped the Toy Story and shifted on taking the Jungle Safari theme with only less than a month left before the big day.

Of course I have to justify why I did it, and the biggest reason I can think of is, too difficult to find Woody's Costume for my son, that includes the cowboy hat and boots.

Now that I have made up my mind, there's no turning back now. Because as of now I already purchased online some safari animal costumes for my Xye's pictorial. I bought 4 costumes namely: giraffe, zebra, lion and monkey. You might think I'm too extravagant by buying all four, actually after my son's pictorial I'm going to resell these in my online shop too. justifiable right? lol..

because zebra is black and white I'm sharing this post for


  1. nice selection of kids costume sis. animals are fun. :) Come and visit my WW too.

  2. wow! you can share your photos next time with xye wearing those cute costumes!

    Thank you for joining Wednesday Whites! Visiting as a host and as a participant from:

  3. Nice costumes...Happy WW! Mine is up.

  4. Advance happy birthday to your son Sis. I wish him the best on his birthday. I am sure he looks cute in his costume. Dropping some love for WW. I hope that you can drop some love in return

  5. pahiram te sa imung costume!hehehe


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