Sunday, October 23, 2011

Save More on Groceries

Saturdays or Sundays are our usual grocery days, and yesterday hubby and I went to purchase our needed items/goods for this week.

It's not my thing to go directly on stalls where promos, discounted products are usually placed. But lately after becoming a mother and with so many monthly expenses, I need to learn how to budget and save even on groceries and other necessities.

Looking into these products on promos, I found items that we frequently used at home. And you know what, I actually did save more from them.

Here's some of the basic necessities at home that I got on promo at Gaisano Supermarket;

diapers for my son
I usually buy two brands of diaper and are being used on different time like pampers active during night time while huggies dry during the day. The reasons are, though pampers is a little expensive but it absorbs more at longer hours, perfect on night time while the other one is more economical during the day. What I love about huggies also is their promo just like above, 3 pieces free when you buy a pack of 20, that's one great deal for me.

lysol disinfectant
This is a must at home especially when you have baby around, your home our home should be disinfected from time to time to prevent the spread of virus. You'll get 15% more when you buy the 586.5g of Lysol Spray. My favorite is the Crisp Linen scent the one at the leftmost.

downy antibac

I have tried so many fabric conditioner before but I never settled in any of them except downy antibac. The very reason why i love it because it has the most mild scent for me, unlike others with strong scent that my nose can't take.

Saving few pennies from groceries is a good start for me to become a frugal mom.