Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tambok's Birthday

September 23 was our friend Tambok's Birthday, since in our group he's the only one earning less and have no extra money to celebrate his birthday with us, our group decided to give him a birthday blowout at our favorite resto bar.

But on that same day/night, another group of friends of the birthday celebrant asked him to meet them because they have a little celebration for him. Since, the celebrant was already with us he asked us to change venue and tagged along with him. In return we've brought with us 1 gallon of ube-macapuno ice cream, softdrinks and junk foods. Believing there was a prepared dinner we just brought something for dessert. But unfortunately, there were just few foods prepared and it's not even enough for them.

Anyway to make the story short, the five of us went straight to our 2nd favorite hangout at our apartment and ate Tambok's cute birthday cake and what was left of the 1 gallon ice cream.

It was one different kind of celebration for our group because we usually prepare lots of food in this kind of occasion. But at least we're happy to take snaps on that very night.

The lady making different faces is

Smiling SallyMellowYellowMondayBadge