Thursday, October 20, 2011

Training or Fattening?

I wasn't able to blog the past few days because I was on work related training/seminar that started last Monday and will end tomorrow.

This is one of the privilege that our company is giving us. A chance to enhance ourselves and become more effective in our assigned field or functions. And you know what we can get aside from the knowledge, additional pounds or gain weight because on training like this heavy meals are always served with matching morning and afternoon snacks, that's why we call long hours training like this as "fattening session".

Here's some of the food served during the past days. I'm thankful to one of the participant who can't eat pork because he's a Muslim. Because of him our lunch menu became anall seafood menu. weeeh! love it! winks*

shrimps and crabs for lunch

melon and ripe mango for dessert

morning and afternoon snacks
and candies to help us stay awake

seminars = food trip

sharing this photos for

late meme entries..

and for