Thursday, October 6, 2011

While On My Way Out

This morning I said my usual goodbyes see you later to my little boy at the same time kissing him many times on his cheeks while he's having his breakfast infront of his new favorite "Letter Factory" by Leapfrog on DVD. Whenever Xye's watching TV, you cannot unglue his eyes on the monitor, but this morning he heard me open the door and looked at my way, I waved my hand and you know what I heard after closing the door? He yelled and called me "Maaaa" and he started like wanting to cry, his Ate Yaya refrained him from crying right away. And he went back to his business eating the rest of his meal while watching TV.

I never heard him yet crying or calling out whenever I go to work but today it was different. I was really happy hearing that after all he's kind of delayed in his development because he was a preemie. Seeing my son growing that fast and showing what he can do is indeed an amazing feeling and I will never exchange that for anything.