Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crying Photos

Miss Raya owner of Colors and Contrasts blog and host of Wednesday White meme, commented on my last post that she never seen Xye cried before. Thus, per request I'm sharing to you how Xye looks when he cries. lol.. These two pictures were taken on July 20, 2011, Xye was at the age of 8 months and 5 days.

And these two were taken on his 1st Birthday (November 15, 2011), when we had his first hair cut. Xye doesn't cry when there are other people around him, but on his first hair cut, at the barbershop he cried out loud that made him vomit all he had taken in that morning.

That's it, as requested those are Xye's crying photos that I have dug up in my archive. lol..


  1. Kids always look adorable no matter what they do and so is your kid.

  2. ahahahaha! kahit umiiyak, napaka cute pa din nya... :) pakiss mwah!

    visiting from WW!

    hope to see you!

  3. Crying but still cute:)

    Visiting for WW!!! Hope you can visit mine too:)

  4. nyahahaha ana pod akong 2 boys sa first hair cut nila...crying to the blues...haha thanks sa WW visit jan

  5. haha ! crying like there's no tomorrow. hehe!

    thanks for the WW visit :)

  6. hahaha... all baby will crying when they had their hair cut.

  7. awww! still adroable even Xye is crying :-) He is a cutie Mommy, now look at what you requested Mommy Raya, you made Xye cry :-) Thank you for sharing his precious pictures. Dropping some love for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  8. waaaahh! i remember my eldest too, he was crying all the time he had his first haircut!!! hopping here from BC Bloggers!

  9. Awww poor baby! Pero bisan unsaon ug tibi, cuteness pa rin! Super adorable! :)

    Late WW visit here! Hope you don't mind!

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  10. No kidding, it's the first time I ever saw photos of him cry! awww, cute Xye... tama na... you are cuter when you smile! thanks for joining, Jan! sorry for the late visit..

  11. Oh yeah! I remember the last two photos when he had his first hair cut ;-)


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