Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Fire and Earthquake Drill

While browsing my archive for photos to be be shared on today's color meme "Orange Tuesday" I came across these pictures taken last month when our department had a Fire and Earthquake Emergency Drill.

The activity was conducted in compliance to IMS (Integrated Management System - a management system used by an organization to direct and control an organization with regards to quality, safety and environment) and to educate employees on emergency situations such as earthquake and fire.

Here's some of the photos taken using my mobile phone, while the evacuation and rescue was on going.
The arrival of fire truck

rescue of injured persons/casualty

Representatives from the City's Bureau of Fire and City's Emergency and Disaster Response Team were present to witness and evaluate the drill.

After the drill evaluation and lectures were conducted, also were given a chance to try using fire extinguishers. Ten (10) persons we're asked to volunteer and I was the only lady to do it with 9 other men. weeeh! exciting.. lol

first share for Our World Tuesday