Monday, November 21, 2011

Going for MMR + V Vaccine

Xye is already one year old, therefore he's due for another vaccine that is the MMR or the measles, mumps and rubbela vaccine that is usually given at age 12-13 months. Varicella or commonly known as Chicken Pox vaccine is also given to children with age between 12 - 15 months.

Do you now that these two separate vaccines can be given in one shot?

Xye's pediatrician told us that you can choose whether to give him a separate shot of MMR then another shot later for Varicella or a combination of both MMR+Varicella in on shot. Hubby and I assessed the situation and decided with the following points:

First, MMR and Varicella are two different vaccines therefore two shots or injections will be given to Xye. While if I get the MMRV it will reduce the shots/injections to one.

Second, in terms of money value or cost of vaccine MMR cost around P2800 while Varicella is P1200 (or the other way around not so sure) while if we get the MMRV we will only pay P3500 for the single shot.

With these, hubby and I decided to get the the MMR + Varicella vaccine.

Of course we've carried our camera with us for some snaps here they are:

Xye waiting for the vaccine

like an ant bite while his pediatrician injected the vaccine on his right leg
Our little man cried for a few minutes and then the pain was just gone.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your baby blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, January.

  2. aw, nitibi intawon. it always frighten me seeing babies getting shots..

    thanks for the visit sis

  3. Pwera buyag, dakog naman si Xye. Kalooy nihilak tawon..

  4. Pwera buyag, dako naman si Xye. Kalooy nihilak tawon

  5. ako din i got teary-eyed when my then kids were immunized.
    good thing may mga ganito ng combination ngayon, it saved crying seesions for xye and also wise on the budget:)

    late visit:)


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