Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In Quest for Toys

Shopping Bag

Aside from his Fisher Price Learn to Drive toy this another learn to drive toy this time from V-tech is also Xye's favorite.

The V-Tech Learn and Discover Driver or something alike is one of the toys that I've been looking forward to buy for my son but I can't find it in toy stores here in the Iligan City or in Cagayan de Oro City. I found one from Chicco with selling price of P1599.00 ( $37), but according to Xye's father it's expensive. If I've pursued my will to buy it, I could have bought it with closed eyes, lol. but I'm a good wife that listened to hubby's words.. lol

So my quest to search for this type of toys continued. From online to offline I visited all shops selling toys but was unlucky. Until my friend told me that there is a US surplus store in Davao that sells branded toys. I asked him to visit it and he did confirmed that there really is an American surplus store in Davao.

When I got a chance to visit Davao 3 months ago, I brought home with me more or less 20 toys that cost me around P8,000. Imagine, getting very nice and good as new toys at much lower price than brand new ones, I surely will buy them. (Hubby was so shocked seeing me carrying 2 boxes full of toys when he fetched me at the airport)

With those lot of toys I can set-up my own "kids play center" like the one we see in malls. But we don't have enough space in the apartment. Maybe soon if we're able to build our own house. We're surely allocate one room for all the toys..We wanted our son and his future siblings (hopefully) to experienced the things that hubby and I had not experienced before. crossing fingers praying it will be realized..

So here's the V-Tech Learn and Discover Driver toy that Xye's really love...This toy keeps on reminding him to drive safely but Xye the reckless driver doesn't listen he keeps on turning the wheel with all his might.

More of the toys I've found will be posted soon, one at a time. winks*


  1. Kids love this kind of stuff and the toy you got your boy looks like an interesting one.

  2. oh mommy nga naman!! ahahha ako dn biglaan ko ni ki click ang ADD TO CART pag nakakakita ako online :)) ahahhahahah!! now I am crazy with barbie and dolls, I am teaching my daughter to play at puro kalat ang ginagawa ;)) i just bought a doll $100 dollars buti sale kaya i got it fo 50! :)) ahhahay!! MOmmy nga naman!

  3. my son had a toy like that:) hangtod karon naa pa:D buhi pa, 4 years old na sya.. dayun naa mana sa BIG R or Sm :) mga fisher price na toys..

  4. @ Mommy Jes - ganyan talaga cguro pag mommy na impulse shopper hehehe

    @ zoan - kato panahon na ngita ko ani sa SM ug Big R sa CDO k wala jud ko ka kita.. hurot na cguro..


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