Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kid's Style Blog Giveaway and Contest

Kid's Style meme was recently launched at Actually, it was my first time to join the meme too, just this week I have posted my first share.

Happy Caity's Kids' Style Blog Giveaway and Contest

Anyway, Happy Caity is indeed a very happy toddler and she's happy to share their blessings too by giving away these fabulous prizes.

1st prize = $50 Paypal credits
2nd prize = $30 Paypal credits
3rd prize = $20 Paypal credits
4th prize = 1 month ad space @ The Jagged Barn
5th prize = 1 month ad link @ Ideas n Pink

Joining is so easy just visit for more info.

Thank you also to the sponsors.


Happy Steps Travel Blog

Pastel Corner

The Wonderlusts



My Tots Exactly

The Coffee Chic

Nshima Servings

The Jagged Barn

Mommy’s Bright Bundles

Essential Tidbits

Ideas n Pink


  1. interesting..this is new? i will check on it:)

    good day!

  2. Thanks, I will visit there for more info.

  3. sis, thanks for joining. please link to the main blog, not to the contest post. also:
    *Please leave your blog URL, Facebook name, Twitter name and GFC name in the comment below the contest post to make it easier for us to check/verify your entries.

    thanks again!


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