Sunday, November 20, 2011

Special Mammon

Because my son's nanny and our household helper had their day-off yesterday and both had texted us just last night that they'll be extending their off hours until this morning, hubby and I had to do the necessary things this morning before going to work. Like hubby cooked our breakfast, while I prepared Xye's bath essentials plus other needed chores before hurrying for work. Thanks to our trusted "yaya" my son's nanny who tried her best to arrived before 7am. Therefore, I don't need to apply for half day leave today. :)

But still I wasn't able to finish my breakfast because it's already 40 minutes before 8AM, hubby and I had to rush for work or else we'll be late and will get red marks on our daily time record, which I don't want to happen because ever since the new management took over our the company, I never experienced late time-in and hope to maintain it. winks*

Anyway, to satisfy my still hungry tummy, I brought with me one pack of two special mammon by Monde that I've bought yesterday at the grocery. I don't how much this one I wasn't able to check our receipt but it does taste good. Taste fresh and yummy without the distinct taste of preservatives.

I hope this one don't cost much, so that I'll be able to buy again next time lol..