Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Xye's First Haircut

On November 15, 2011 our little baby has turned into a little man. Yep Xye had turned ONE yesterday and since I believe in old wives tales that first hair cut should be done on the baby's first birthday, we went to visit Mr. Barber for his first haircut after his morning bathe. But before that, I've cut few strands of Xye's wavy hair (Mommy me did the first hair cut yipppeee!) and placed it in a ziplock plastic and will put it in his album as remembrance.

Because it was Xye’s first haircut and the barbershop has no special chair for toddler I had to carry him on my lap while Mr. Barber is cutting his hair.

At first Xye was not concerned at all on what the barber’s doing with his hair but when it was almost done he cried, as in really cried that made him throw up all he had consumed that morning.

I had to hurriedly take him away from that place, and left hubby to settle the bill of P60.00.

Eventually we’re able to calm him after few minutes.

This is what he looks like after cutting off his wavy hair.

Xye indeed had a dramatic first haircut before his Birthday Party that was set in the evening.

Party Tales will be shared soon...

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  1. He's now a lot much cuter with his new hair! :) Regards to Baby Xye! ♥

    Visiting you from OT.
    Seasons Of Life

  2. why are you crying baby boy you are handsome with your new hair cut.. Belated happy bday. Visiting via OT>

  3. Ang cute nya umiyak hehehe. Free ba ang first cut dyan satin sa Pinas, dito kasi free.

  4. Maybe he got overwhelmed all of a sudden, haha. Cutie pie, don't cry. Such a priceless moment. Thanks for sharing with us, sis. Happy Birthday, little Xye!

  5. Cute lalo hehehe. Visiting from WW, Jan. Hope you can visit back.

  6. It's really hard to get the first hair cut! :)
    It's a struggle for Mom. But he looks cute with the new hair style! :)

  7. Now, you look more pogi with your new hair cut:)

    Visiting from WW!! Hope you can visit em too..

  8. i bet you're feeling a lot lighter now that all the extra hair is gone :) mum also cut my hair for the first time + kept it in a tiny ziplock, i bet she will be putting it in my scrapbook,too!

    it really is a scary experience cutting your hair for the first time, right? but in my case i handled it better the first time compared to the succeeding sessions, i was just happily watching barney in a tv nearby when i was 1 year old, now i clutched at my mum's + struggle while the friendly barber cut my hair. what can i say, i just don't enjoy it, i guess! :D

    thanks for joining K.I.D, i look forward to reading your entry next week :D ~ Jared

  9. Wow so amazing how he ended up so cute with his new hair! Congrats for a new hair cut and happy bday to your li'l man!

  10. awww what a ham :-) He looks so handsome now, love his crying expressions :-)so precious :-) Dropping some love for Wednesday Whites, hope that you can return the favor too.

  11. Hey Mr. Barber why you make him cry :-( he is so cute Mommy especially in his new hair cut. Thank you for sharing. Dropping some late love for Orange Tuesdays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  12. Ay! Ang cute nya pa rin even in between tears :-)

    So handsome after the haircut. Belated happy bday to his adorable babe.

    Thanks for the visit at

    See yah!

  13. hahaha..iyak talaga?
    si Iris hindi pa nakapagpahair cur ever..
    girl naman yung sa akin kaya okay lang..
    thanks fro joining mommy!

  14. awww, look at that! a little gentleman! hahaa. ulitawong gamay na kaayo c Xye.. thanks for sharing your beautiful photos of your little one Jan! Beautiful as always!

  15. Wow! Memorable first haircut! The after-haircut look makes him so gwapo! :)

    I'm here for my late WW rounds. I hope you don't mind! :)

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