Thursday, November 17, 2011

Xye's Jungle Safari Party

On November 15, 2011 our first born, our bundle of joy, our precious one has turned ONE. Yep, Javen Xyrus aka XYE turned 1 year old and to celebrate this very special occasion we had a Safari Theme Kiddie Party as a special thanksgiving and way of sharing the blessings we have received over the years.

As a first time mom, preparing for the event was one exciting moment and I’m happy to share with you how the preparation and party itself had taken place.

Making it personalized and saving few pennies from it, I made and designed the invitation and tarpaulin myself.

Hubby also helped me in making the loot bags out of brown and orange cartolinas.

Living in a rented apartment with no space for such event made us booked for a party venue. We chose the same venue we had on Xye’s Christening, The Gazpacho’s Bar and Restaurant. At P200 per pax with minimum of 50 persons booking we’re able to use the exclusive function room. A not so small and not so large room, just perfect for expected guests of less than 100.

At P200 per pax the menu includes: Rice, beef tenderloin, sweet sour fish fillet, four seasons vegetables, buko pandan and soft drinks.

We’ve paid additional P200 corkage for additional foods we brought in such as “lechon baboy”, beefsteak, friend chicken, spaghetti and cakes.

I used to celebrate Xye’s monthsary starting from his 1st month until the 11th month, and every month I’ve ordered special cakes just for the occasion and I was loyal to my friend’s creations. Thus on this special day I still chose her, “Lanie of Sweet Cravings” to make the Jungle Safari Themed Cake. And the outcome was indeed one super cute cute fondant chocolate pound cake. I Love it to the max, she indeed had leveled up and can create such beautiful work of art and also not only she can design but she can bake delicious cake too, the cake taste delightful.

Originally, I ordered a 9x9 inches 1 layer fondant cake and added 30 pieces cupcakes because fondants are quite expensive and I might go beyond the budget. But Lanie made it into a two-layer cake instead, telling me that the upper layer was her gift for my son. Woah! Super-duper liked! Thanks Lan, mwah!

For the decorations and hosting, I ordered P1500 worth of balloons and hired a party host and magician from Party House our next door neighbor. Except for the animal print balloons and mylar jungle safari balloons that I have bought from an online shop.

What else, hmmm since we’re the hosts and we can’t take pictures of ourselves we also hired a newbie photographer, hubby’s officemate’s friend to cover the event and paid him P1500 for his service (I wasn’t able to get the copy yet, the photos here we’re taken from our camera and my officemate’s camera).

the kids with the celebrant

Xye’s Jungle Safari Themed 1st Birthday Party that started at 6:30PM on a one school day Tuesday was a successful event even with only more than 10 kids present but at least all were very participative and according to their parents the kids had really enjoyed the party.

To all our relatives, colleagues and friends thank you very much for celebrating the day with us.


  1. Travis had the same theme, it was fun planning and celebrating their parties no? Eeee. Happy 1st birthday Xye!

  2. Bongacious naman ang birthday ni Xye, great job Mommy!

  3. awww Xye is so adorable. Happy 1st birthday Xye. You are really blessed to have a sweet Mom and Dad. I wish you grow up to be a good boy and always respect your parents and your elders. Dropping some love for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  4. The first birthday of our kids is always exciting and memorable for us moms. You did a good job, Mommy! The party looks great! Here's my MM entry:

  5. wow, binata na si xye, nanibago ako sa hair nia:) bagay na bagay.

    again, happy, happy birthday to the cutest boy in blogland:)

  6. what a spectacular 1st birthday of Xye. I wish you the best of life and more birthdays to come precious. Dropping some love this time for Colorful Weekend, hope that you can return the favor too.

  7. Happy birthday handsome guy! Grabe, ang bongga ng party! :)

    Dropping by for Mommy Moments!

    A Pedi for a Stressed Mommy

  8. Happy birthday again to Xye :-) He sure did had a wonderful 1st birthday. Dropping again for some love this time for Pink Fridays, hope that you can return the favor too.

  9. Belated happy birthday kay Xye :) Ang cute cute nung keyk nya ah ^^

    Visiting you back for Thursday Brownies :)

  10. happy birthday, Xye! You are so big now... and I love your birthday colors! ;) thanks for the visit, jan~

  11. What a big party you have? Happy birthday:)

    Visiting for MYM! Hope you can visit mine too:)

  12. Happy Birthday to your handsome young man! so cute!

    thanks for visiting my Thursday Brownies post :)

  13. That's one cool party, Jan. Belated happy birthday. Xye! Hugs!

  14. Xye is precious. What a dear series of photos. Birthday parties are such fun when you are young. When one gets to me my age, one tries to ignore them. Genie

    The color yellow
    It soothes my soul and spirit
    Nature's gift to me

  15. Wow, belated Happy Birthday to your little man sis. 1 year old na diay. You and your hubby were so created in making your own loot bags. It sure was a joyous B-day celebration. Ok kaau ang menu sa 200php

    visiting here sis form the color memes

  16. wow, time really flies fast. happy birthday to your baby and i so love the safari balloons. thanks for sharing , continue living green.


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