Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5S on my Office Space

Finally, my office desk is free from files and loose papers.

Yesterday, I had 5S on my office space, the old printer removed from my desk since its unserviceable already, removed old file folders/binders and placed it inside the cabinet, segregated papers for filing and for recycle. All these were done with the help of our student OJT. Also, I purposely did the clean up because tomorrow we have scheduled IMS external audit, so it's better to remove all unnecessary things that can become "findings".

Anyway, what is a 5s?

5S a work place organization methodology that uses five Japanese terms to describe how to organize work environment and transform it into a clean, effective and efficient working space by identifying objects that need to be stored and discarded. 5S stands for

Seiri: Sense of Use
Seiton: Sense of Ordinance
Seisou: Sense of Clean
Seiketsu: Sense of Hygiene, Health and Welfare
Shitsuke: Sense of Self-Discipline

These methodology can be used not only on offices but also in your home.

see the brown table calendar? that's my share for