Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 17 What’s something you wish you could say to someone?

I wished I could have said these three words "I LOVE YOU" to my mom, dad and elder sister before they passed away. But I wasn't able to, because on the day they died I was not around of near them.

When my mom died in 2007 I was working in Manila, my brother had called me up around 12 midnight to tell be the bad news. I flew to Zamboanga City the following morning, and my mom was already inside the casket.

Same thing with my dad when he passed away in 2009, I was in Iligan City that time, my brother informed me and I arrived home 12 hours after he called me.

My greatest regret also is not seeing my elder sister before she died, I was in Iligan too and she was confined in Zamboanga City for a week. I wasn't able to rush home while she's still alive. I could have talked to her and told her to hang on for her life. But it was too late, I only able to talk to her lifeless body when I arrived by her side.

These are the words I wished I could have said to my loved ones before they left us and joined our Almighty Father. These wishes will only remain wishes and will never come true.