Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 2 Challenge - 20 Favorite Things

What are my 20 favorite things? hmmm interesting let me see what I can think of..

1. Canon DSLR Camera (that now needs to undergo repair, sigh!)
2. Nokia N86 Cellphone (the my half-brother had given me, I just love the 8MP camera that goes with it).
3. Samsung Galaxy Mini Cellphone (I can't afford to buy the Galaxy S2 that I'm drooling at)
4. Asus Eeee PC Netbook (because I don't have other PC, my hp laptop had died i my hands after more than 3 years of service.)
5. Mitsubishi Adventure 2003 Model (second owned car that hubby and I bought after we received our separation pay from our previous employer)
6. Honda Wave Alpha Motorcycle (our personal service vehicle at ZC)
7. Globe Tattoo Prepaid Mobile Broadband
8. 1TB External Hard Drive
9. Asus O! Play Multimedia Player
10. Starbucks Mugs Collection
11. Set of pliers and components in making handmade jewelries.
12. Sony WSC Digital Camera
13. Bath and Body Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Mist
14. Wedding Ring
15. Gold Earring and Ring set given by hubby
16. 24 inches Sony TV Set (hope to buy an LCD or LED TV soon)
17. Crocs Shoes
18. Ipanema Flip Flops
19. Mizuno Badminton Shoes (over used and needs to retire)
20. Mesuca Badminton Racket (my last remaining one from the 4 rackets I've won previously in tournaments.)

Oh yeah.. 20 is quite a big number..

Those are the THINGS I can think of, while writing this day 2 challenge post.

Happy Reading..:)