Sunday, December 11, 2011

Drum or the Music Player

These are the toys found at our bedroom and he usually play those before going to sleep. Now, this little guy is kind of confuse which of the 2 toys he'll going to pick first.

And you know what he picked first? The leap frog drum that he loves to beat and roll. The music player is his second choice at the this moment.

And for Kid's Style this little guy is wearing a Carter's Shirt with "Future Quarterback" written on it paired also with Carter's Jogging pants. Both were an ukay finds.


  1. Children have a mind of their own. I do believe they are born so much smarter than us older ones were. He made a good choice.

  2. nyahahaha ka hawd gud nimong mang ukay Jan.. imong little boy ba kay murag buotan kaayo. hehe di pareho sa ako mga boys when little kay magkalat-kalat sa mga gamit sa balay...kafaet.

  3. I want to buy a drum for my daughter too, but when I want it, it's out of stock.

  4. cool thrift finds! :) i'm curious tagpila ang ukay nga ing-ana. please send me a secret msg if you don't want others to know. hihi

  5. do you know how I can make the music player play again, i think I banged it too hard the last time i played with it that it won't play again :(

    some nice toys you've got there, buddy! choices...choices!

    thanks for joining K.I.D, do join us again next week, ayt? ^_^ ~ Jared

  6. I would take the drum too hehe and play like a real drummer.

  7. he sure knows how to pick. your son is growing day by day. thanks for sharing and continue living green.

  8. My little boy loves to beat the drums, too! Funny thing is that he will tap both his hands on the chair, my legs and his walker whenever he has a chance. :D. Sis, please tell me kung san mo nabili "Leap Frog Drum". I preferred preloved than new ones :D.

    Thanks muchos!


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