Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hepatitis A Vaccine

Yesterday we went to Xye's pediatrician for a check-up because of some rashes that had grown on Xye's skin. According to his pedia there is nothing to worry about because those could be some viral rash and since it's not itchy and no sign of redness could be also because of his soap/cleanser. So or the meantime, we had to change Xye baby soap to cetaphil cleanser.

Supposedly, Xye also has to have his first booster of Pneumococcal Vaccine but because of the rash and the vaccine might give him fever, the pedia gave him the Hepatitis A Vaccine instead and the pneumococcal will be scheduled by next month.

Off goes the injection..
he cried for just few seconds then he's up again like nothing had happened.

What is a Hepatitis A Vaccine?

It is a type of vaccine that protects our child from hepatitis A virus. This type of hepatitis virus can cause serious liver diseases or even death. The virus are carried from stool or feces and can easily be transmitted by persons to persons. Like for example, you forgot to wash hands after using the bathroom, in that case you can be a carrier of the virus and might pass it on if you'll get in contact with other people.

We can protect our children from these viruses by having them vaccinated and also don't forget to observe cleanliness and proper sanitation.

Learn more about the disease and vaccine by visiting


  1. Hihihi, ang cute naman ng "like nothing had happened" Way to go, Xye! Acting like a big boy na! Good for you for keeping up with your shots. They're important!!

    Baby Xye, despite your little booboo on your let, I am happy that you came to the Colorful Weekend party!

  2. Oh just like my Nathan just cute. Happy colorful weekend..

  3. very resilient naman daw talaga ang mga bata, ang mga mommy daw ang takot, hi hi hi (true ano?)

    Christmas is in the malls!

  4. My daughter is done with her vaccines. At least for now. Our next visit will be after 3 years for the boosters.

    I also gave birth to my daughter at 36 weeks.

  5. Poor kid:( I knew how it felt watching our kid getting a shot but it is for their own good. Anyway, he is brave:)

    Visiting for CW! Hope you can visit mine too..

    Simply click the link to comment back:)


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