Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Memory Lane - Christmas Party 2004

I only learned about Memory Lane Monday today, and since the linky is still open I decided to share my first entry for MLM with theme Christmas Party.

One of the merriest Christmas Party we had in the office was on 2004, it was our whole department's Employees + Family Christmas Party. Every division (4 divisions) prepared their respective presentation, did their best because big prizes were at stakes for the winners.

the NTSD Group

the SED Group

The Winning Group NPD

and the ladies with their intermission number

This was also one of the most prosperous Christmas Party that we had, because every employee definitely received door prizes but only the lucky ones were able to take home the major major prizes.

It really makes me smile reminiscing this Christmas event that took place seven years ago, and I know this will not happen again because some of our colleagues had taken their own way after our used to be mother company was privatized and they were not lucky enough to re-hired by the new management.

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