Tuesday, December 13, 2011

P10,000 Worth of Gift Certificates

Yep you read it right, yesterday we went to SM Admin Office in Cagayan de Oro to claim Joy's P10,000 worth of SM gift certificates that she have won on SM Weekly Raffle draw. Joy is my son Xye's "yaya" nanny.

The last time we're in SM I had 8 raffle coupons from my purchases, I asked Joy to write down her name in the coupons and telling her that just in case you'll win Xye will get 50% share of the prize and you'll get the 50% too. She agreed and excitedly wrote all 8 coupons with her name using Xye's cellphone number at home as her contact number since she doesn't have cellphone or any sort of contact with her.

Three weeks ago SM had called her and told her that she won on the week 7 draw. Now the problem is how to claim the prize with her having only 1 valid, her high school ID from previous school year, so instead I asked her to get her birth certificate.

Luckily, SM accepted her birth certificate as proof and she was able to claim the prize. With her P5000 gift certs she was able to use P1400 on her purchases, the remaining 3600 I converted it into cash so that she'll be able to use it on her or her family needs.

Week 7 Winners
the SM gift certificates

Joy with her winning smile while writing more or less 30 stubs for the next draw. Who knows she might win in the Grand Draw.

Congratulations Joy and thank you for sharing the prize with Xye.