Thursday, December 1, 2011

Shoes Galore

Do you know that I never had a Florsheim shoes in my entire life? Not because I can't afford, because if I want it badly I can just close my eyes and not eat for a month, I can surely use my one month salary to buy it, lol.. but simply because I find it very expensive.

But our little prince had not just one but three Florsheim shoes and sandals plus one Gibi Shoes and 1 I do not know the brand shoes. He got a total of 5 shoes on his birthday. wow.. (sosyal ang anak ko hehehe)

Size 22 Florsheim sandals, I think Xye will be able to use it after 6 months. Given by his Ninong Joel.
Size 25 (I forgot the exact figure) Florsheim shoes, Xye will be able to use it at 2 - 3 years from now. Given by the Bayron Family.
Size 22 Florsheim sandals, he started wearing this one, but still big on him. Actually this is my gift for him. Bought it on sale.

Size 25 Gibi Shoes given by his Ninang Alma.
And this one, a size 21 shoes that he uses everyday while practicing walking outside. Also given by his Ninang Alma.

These are the cute looking shoes that Xye got and I know he'll surely enjoy it.


  1. The shoes look cute, convenient and can be worn on any occasion. One can feel the softness while they walk which makes the walk so comfortable.

  2. Wow, trendy Xye! Maswerte at andaming sponsors. :D

  3. wow daming shoes :) at kacute!

  4. cute brown sandals...with matching designer jeans and shirt.:p

    i got lucky with Florsheim--i got a pair from a HK store and it was on sale.:p

  5. I like the 2nd photo/shoe. Happy Brownies! Here's mine-

  6. adorable shoes, great collections, loved them :-) Dropping some love for Thursday Brownies, hope that you can return the favor too.

  7. Like his shoes..Super cool ang designs..

    Visiting for TB! Hope you can visit mine too..


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