Friday, December 9, 2011

What is inside my handbag?

Leaving behind day 7 blog challenge and proceeding to day 8, let's peek and see what are the things we can find inside my purse?

The picture says it all, but still I'll enumerate it.

Inside my Celine bag that my best friend had given me as a birthday gift are the following;
1. samsumg galaxy mini cellphone
2. nokia N86
3. office ID
4. set of keys
5. avon face powder
6. maybeline lip shine
7. small spray canister with my favorite body mist
8. comb
9. ballpen
10. bluetooth headset
11. extra cellphone battery
12. wet wipes
13. facial tissue
and lastly my wallet.

Just a few things to complete my daily get-up.

Have a nice weekend!