Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Where'd My Money Go?

Few days from now we'll be bidding goodbye to 2011 and embrace the coming of 2012. And I expected 2012 to be very challenging year for me and my whole family. Transferring from one city to another is one huge undertaking for us, but we don't have choice but to go with the flow because it is our whole office/department will be transferring to the new building constructed at the nearby city.

This year our expenses has gone up to the ceiling, but we're still thankful that both our salaries we're able to cope up.

Big portion of our income goes to our daily needs, my son's milk, food, diapers etc. + yaya + househelp + utility bills. Some had gone to Xye's Chritening and 1st Birthday Parties.

Knowing beforehand that we'll be transferring to Cagayan de Oro City hubby and I had purchased a piece of land in one of the newly developed subdivision near CDO Airport about two years ago. And just this November we were able complete our amortization, a two-year good as cash installment for a 160 sqm corner lot.

Aside from that hubby and I purchased another piece of land at Opol Misamis Oriental, this time a much much bigger lot area (1350sqm) than the other one but paid a lot cheaper, I could say a "good buy".

After acquiring these properties our next project and hopefully will be fulfilled by next year is the construction of our own house at Opol. This time, we really need to seek assistance from Pag-ibig to make this project possible. Because our savings were already used up. We're also placing the 160sqm corner lot at Robinson's Land Fresno Subdivision on SALE, because the amount we'll get from the sale will be used to build our proposed house in Opol.

With the need to earn more, I'm trying my luck in blogging to earn dollars but I'm not that lucky yet because I was able to earn only around $200 yikes!

So hubby and I have to hold on tight with our existing jobs because these are our very source of income.

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