Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wish Come True

As much as possible I wanted to complete these 30 days blog challenge that I have given myself but I ended up filling in each challenge late. Just like this challenge that is supposed to be for Day 12 but on my counting it is already eight (8) days late.

Anyway better late than never right?

Day 12 is about wishing for something that would come I true.

I've started wishing for something about 3-4 months ago, that is to conceive another child. Since our son is already 1 year an a month old hubby and I wanted to have another addition to our family and God had heard our prayers and had given us another gift.

Yes, I have it confirmed this afternoon by visiting my OB and indeed I am already 5-6 weeks pregnant. Yahooo!

This is our best Christmas Gift ever this year. Thank you so much Lord for hearing our prayers. From this day onward I am taking another journey, a very challenging yet fulfilling journey of being a woman.