Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012: The Year that Passed

Few more hours we’ll be bidding goodbye to 2012 forever and embrace the coming of 2013. And before that I would like to reminisce the events that had happened to me and my family this year.
2012 has given us a lot of ups and downs. This is also the year that we have to migrate from Iligan City (the place I have come to love because, I have stayed there more of less for 10 years) to Cagayan de Oro City because of work transfer. 

This year was the most painful year for me and my husband because; on June 2012 I lost my child before she was even born. She’s our 2nd bundle of joy, a little girl that I always wanted. But God had taken her away and made her an angel that will continue to watch over us. 

I have come to think that Cagayan de Oro is not a very good place for us, because this year he welcomed us with sicknesses. Dengue fever had struck our home on July last week to first week of September and victimized our house help which we had sent to hospital for confinement. My son’s yaya had fever as well but I think her resistance was strong enough to fight back the virus and had recovered right away.  I wasn’t spared because my blood platelet count had dropped below normal for 4 days.
Imagine how scared I was, if my little boy got infected by dengue virus too? Thank God he was spared. 

After the dengue, here comes the varicella zoster virus which clinched to my husband badly. And of course he will not leave our home without infecting those who have not experienced it like myself and Xye. Thank goodness, our son and I had lesser blisters because of the vaccine that we had unlike my husband who never had the vaccine.
This year for the first time, I had zeroed out my fifteen (15) days sick leave privilege which had never happened before.

Last month, we brought Xye for a check up to a Child Growth and Development specialist and he was diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay. My husband and I cried again because another trial was given to us,but we have to be strong and had to work hard for our little boy. Aside from the toddler class that he is attending, Xye is also undergoing Occupational Therapy and hopefully he will be able to catch up with the rest of the kids his age.
In spite of all the downs that we had, our faith towards Him will always remain because we know God did everything for a reason and it is up to us to work it out. We are always thankful for the life He had given to us, for the people around us and for the work that we have, because hubby and my present jobs are giving us enough to support our financial needs.
So long 2012! Thank you for the spicy experiences. And welcome 2013! I hope and pray that the year of the snake will be a better year for all of us.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

May the the spirit of Christmas brings love and happiness to you and your family.

Merry Christmas from our Family to Yours!

Christmas Shopping 2012

After I have recovered from headache last Saturday afternoon I decided to do our Christmas shopping at SM CDO, with me was my son Xye, Joy and Bernadeth. Hubby was on duty, I have no choice but to play the driver and as expected it took me several minutes to find a parking slot, lucky enough to find one at the 4th floor and not on the rooftop which I never been to before.

First stop was Toy Kingdom and got my son a total of P1,000 worth of toys, book and inflatable pool. 

The little one was checking out his Christmas gifts from Papa and Mama.

Next stop the Department Store and bought Dickies sunglasses for hubby. One of the accessories that my husband really need is sunglasses, because it helps protect his eyes from excessive exposure to sunlight. He only have one remaining pair of sunglasses to date because the rest were already damaged. I know he will like this.

Well, I can't go home without buying something for myself too. After I spotted this Secosana bag hanging on the rack I immediately bought it. With original tag price of P1,799.75, now on sale at P890.00. And it comes with a pouch wallet and a sling bag. cool!

Oh! I need sunglasses too, mine had broke so I bought a cheaper one at P114.00 only.

So that's it, I'm done! It's my turn to look after Xye while the two had their shopping as well. We had our dinner at KFC and at 9PM we're all done and went straight home.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Loot Bag is Here

I should have posted this the moment I received the winning loot bag but unfortunately I was not feeling well, I had head ache for two days and had to rest and refrain myself from facing the computer. 

Anyway, now that I have fully recovered I'm sharing to you my winning loot bag from Mommy Tyna's first Giveaway. ( Cool to know I have a little luck left in me! hehehe) I got the package last Saturday, although I was excited to open it in-spite of the headache after we did our grocery, but it was hubby who opened it up first (mas excited pa ata sya, curious kung ano laman hehehe). 

So let us peek what are inside this pink package 

1 Chocolate Drink
1 Apple Cinamon Gogo Squeeze
2 SansFlou Toothgel
2 packs of 2 Drypers Diapers
1 small pack of Drypers baby wipes
1 cute bottle of Drypers Head to Toe Wash
1 cute notebook
2 chocolate bars
1 Dyrpers T-shirt
1 Dryoers cloth diaper
and 2 magazines.

These items are are very useful to my little Xye, he's actually using Drypers products from diapers to baby wash.

And I also got a special gift from Mommy Tyna, a lip plump and shine lip gloss from herbench, yippee! Thanks so much Mommy.

I wanted to take photo of myself but I was only with my little man the whole day today (Sunday), so instead I had him wear the cute "LOVE IS ON ME" t-shirt and took his photo. 

The shirt fits him perfectly. :)

Thanks  so much for the goodies Mommy Tyna. Hope to win another giveaway.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Bonus + Gift Baskets

Christmas also means more blessings right? Because during this season we also receive Christmas bonuses from the company we work for. Same as last year, we received cash bonuses and grocery gift baskets. Thanks so much!

And because we are also an employer of our two "kasambahays" we already gave them their bonuses of P1,500.00 each + gift baskets. 

Since hubby and I are working in the same company and both of us had received grocery gift basket each and we decided to give those to our two employees at home. 

And these are the items in our Christmas gift baskets this year. I had opened the red wine for my friends the other day and will be buying another one to replace it.

These two ladies at home had help us a lot, and we wanted to return the favor as well and we hope that this Christmas will also be the merriest for them, Joy (my son's yaya) and Bernadeth (our helper) and their families.

Monday, December 17, 2012

First Christmas Party

Last Saturday, my son Xye had attended his first Christmas Party at HCI Pre-school. Each class level had their own presentation. The cutest class the toddlers, also had theirs. Among the 8 students only 5 of them had participated in the presentation, the remaining 3 do not know yet how to dance or follow instructions. The three littles ones are with ages below 3 years and that includes my son Xye who is only 2 years and 1 month old.

The variety show had started at 2:30PM at the school ground. The first to present are the toddlers, but since they are all so young and tend to be shy infront of so many spectators, as expected most of them just stood on the stage and had not moved.

Xye was not included but he really wanted to be on the stage too, so I allowed him to go on the stage while his classmates are performing. All he did was go near this cute little girl and smiled, laughed at her while she's dancing.

Look at him (left most) sitting comfortably on his chair for a few minutes , watching the older kids (nursery to k2) performing their dance numbers.

I think Xye had enjoyed not the party itself because he still do not understand what it was all about, but walking and roaming on the stage with all the kids also playing, runing and yelling around is just fun for him.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Our Department's Christmas Party 2012

Having one big Christmas party for all the employees to attend is impossible in a company like ours that has more 4000 employees nationwide. Thus, Christmas parties are divided by department and are set on different dates depending of the availability of most employees.

Last night our department, the MSO held a one fun party at N-Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City. The event was shouldered by the company, from foods, games prizes, groups presentation prizes and raffle items. We did not cash out even a single cent for contributions except for the costumes that we’ve personally bought for our presentation.

The event was supposedly scheduled to start at 6:30PM but because we still practice Filipino time, the party officially started at 7:30PM.  

The real fun begins after dinner wherein each group (our department consist of 5 divisions + office of the head) had presented their group performances. 

Group 1  presented a Christmas carol and Dance number, Group 2 a Dance Number (Christmas Song), Group 3 a Dance Number (Remix Gangman& Christmas song), Group 4 Sing and Dance (Remix of Macarena, Gangman and Christmas Song), Group 5 Skit and Dance (Ballroom) and last but not the least Group 6 (our division) performed a Retro Medley Dance (Awitin Mo IsasayawKo, Hagibis-Katawan and Bongga Ka Day).

Group 2 - Third Place

Group 4 - First Place

Although we performed well but group 4 is way much better and beat us with only 0.6 points difference and got the first prize of P3000, our group went home second place with P2000 cash prize and group 2 on third place with P1000. The rests also got consolation prize of P500.00 each.

Our Group -2nd Place

Our "MEN" performing the Hagibis-Katawan!
No matter how unlucky I am in raffles, unexpectedly I got a prize too, a 4-piece decorated glasses. And also we got an additional prize of P500 for our division after winning the charade game. 
Although, I did not stay that long (after the program was the “disco-disco” part), I still enjoyed the whole night of fun that only happens once a year. :-)

special thanks to our officemate Godwin for the wonderful photos.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Christmas Parties 2012

Sendong and Pablo will never stop us from celebrating Christmas. In fact the subdivision we are living at is having their Christmas Party at this I can hear the music from the covered basketball court, I'm sure there are having a wonderful time. 

You may wonder why I'm here in front of my computer and not outside joining them, that is because we do not know anything about the event until this evening when we passed by at the venue. Honestly, we've been renting this house for 8 months already and the only neighbors we know are the oldies couple across us. That's the very reason we're never invited hehehe, because we don't mingle with other residents here.

Anyway, speaking of parties. This Tuesday December 11, 2012 is our department's party at N-Hotel. That means I'll be busy the whole day tomorrow not only with my usual works at the office but also preparing our division's presentation for the Variety Show contest. Yes, I decided to embark to co-head the task even though my oldies co-employees in the division are not willing to participate. Good thing that co-head "Nonoy" my officemate who is also an oldie but young at heart is very willing to help come up with the group presentation and also convinced the rest to participate.

So far, we had practiced last Friday and I think we already made it in the minimum number of participants (i.e. 8 persons) and we'll be doing a retro medley dance number. Of course three of us ladies have only short part and most of the parts will be performed my the males. lol..

Tomorrow will be our 2nd practice and by Tuesday night will be our final practice. 

So Wish us luck. winks*

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Goodbye Pablo

After Typhoon Pablo had devastated most parts in Mindanao yesterday including Cagayan de Oro City, today Mr. Sun is finally up. We've finally had said goodbye to super typhoon, although he's still somewhere near Palawan I do hope that this so called super typhoon will continue to weaken and stop devastating areas that he will pass by.

Storm Signal had been lifted in our area and we're back at work. Classes are still suspended and the City is still monitoring for possible flood. Overall we have survived this dreadful calamity and we're so so thankful to you LORD for sparing all of us. And please LORD continue to bless and help those who are greatly affected.

By the way, I checked out our database today, the total system load on Mindanao is only around 500MW to 800MW which is far low compared to our usual 1200-1300MW during peak hours and on a Weekday. In our area, we have no power yesterday since 9 in the morning and was restored at 8pm. 

During these hours we're kept informed because of the this 12 year old casette radio which was supplied by our used to be 12volt car battery. Because of a damage plate the car battery had degraded from 12volts to 9volts which is also the required voltage for the radio.  Good thing hubby didn't throw the battery out after we have replaced it with new one, and we're able to use it at this situation.

And from time to time we have tuned in to our local TV stations for updates, our old china phone with TV was indeed useful.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Typhoon Pablo

As of 6:00AM today, the eye of Typhoon Pablo (Bopha) is located somewhere in Davao Oriental in spite the distance Cagayan de Oro is already experiencing heavy rains and strong winds and is already under Typhoon Signal No. 3. According to weather forecast Pablo is expected to arrived in CDO at 3PM today.


We're listening thru radio for updates, residents in low lying areas have evacuated already. Although we're located on high ground and I believe a safe area for us, we still have to be alert at all times.

People in CDO take note of the following emergeny numbers.

Cagayan de Oro Emergency Contact Numbers:

CDRRMC Hotlines
888 - This line will directly patch you to the CDRRMC-City Hall Command Center

HOTLINE NUMBER 411 or 74-11-11
Smart: 0999-9990-411
Globe: 0917-7040-411

LORD we pray that this so called super typhoon will weaken and please keep us all safe.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


I applied for the ID card last week of March this year (hubby applied for his card on February 2012) at SSS Iligan City branch. I was told that the ID card will be sent to my home address i.e. in Iligan City. But a month after, we moved to Cagayan de Oro City, we're worried that either our ID cards (hubby and I) will be returned to sender or worst will get lost. 

Finally, worries no more because our SSS Unified Multi-purpose ID cards are already here. Yep, after 7 to 8 months our UMID ID cards are already in our hands. Hubby had picked it up at Post Office Iligan City last week.


Unified Multi-purpose ID card is not only a Social Security System (SSS) ID but also you can use the same card when doing transactions with other government agencies such as Government Service Insurance System (GSIS), PhilHealth and Pag-Ibig. This card is indeed very convenient.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Food Trip Food Treats

Birthdays are remembered occasions inside a corporate world. Because that's the only day that co-employees will be able to enjoy special treats from the celebrants. That's how it is in our office free treats days are always the best days in the office especially when the celebrants are Section Heads, Division Heads level and up. They are only ones who can afford special treats with extravagant cost. 

November's Birthday Celebrant includes two of our section heads and these are what they have shared to us.

November 9, 2012, the whole division (17 persons) had a sumptuous lunch at Sunburst Fried Chicken at Lim Ket Kai Mall to celebrate Sir Cesar's Birthday. We ordered the following;

5 orders of kinilaw isda
3 orders of tinolang lapu-lapu
5 orders of calamares

Aside from the three dishes above, each one of us had a Sunburst Chicken Duo + 3 orders of rice noodles. Approximately my boss paid around 6K for the meal, and before going back to the office we stopped by at a convenience store and bought 2 gallons of ice cream for the rest of our colleagues from other divisions and including us. hehehe

After the Sunburst treat, yesterday another section head Sir Steve celebrated his birthday. Although he wasn't physically around because he was on leave, three (3) layers of Sbarro Pizza had arrived in our office. Yep! I wasn't able to visit Sbarro yet when since it opened it's door to the public at Ayala-Centrio Mall but yesterday we had tasted the supreme, peperoni and sausage pizzas from the talked about, newest pizza house in CDO, the Sbarro.

It was indeed a treat with high standard that none of us, rank and files can afford. lol..

Thanks so much Sir Cesar and Sir Steve for the superb treats!


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Annual Physical Examination

Every late quarter of the year, our company sponsors our Annual Physical Examination.  One diagnostic testing center from Manila had won the bidding and they will be the one to conduct the PE to all employees from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. 

Today and tomorrow is our schedule here in CDO. Next week the diagnostic team will head to our Regional Office in Iligan City then to other district offices in Mindanao.  

I wanted to finish my APE as early as possible because I still have a lot of work to do today and tomorrow. I was one of the early bird and arrived at the office at 6:45AM this morning because the diagnostics will start at 7AM.  

Testing includes, blood examination (cholesterol, sugar, etc.) urinalysis, stool, ECG and X-ray. Too bad the whole abdomen ultrasound and papsmear are not applicable for employees 39 years old and below.   

By 9AM I’m done with all of the tests except for the ultrasound and papsmear, then went back to my cubicle to do my pending works. 

This is the mobile clinic where we had our X-ray.

These are the blood samples taken from the employees.

I had a hectic day today and expected to continue until tomorrow. No matter how busy I'll be until tomorrow at least Friday will definitely be a rest day because it's a holiday. winks*