Friday, January 27, 2012

Birthday Wish 2012

My birthday wish for this year is actually the same as what I had wished last year. As stated it was a mission impossible for me, and indeed was impossible because I was not able to purchase a 7D Canon DSLR that I've dreamt of, simply because I really can’t afford it.

And since it’s too expensive, I’ll downgrade my want into a Canon 60D DSLR instead. If I rely only on our monthly income as an employee, I definitely can’t have one , because our regular income were already budgeted to something much more important that gadgets.

My only hope is to be able to earn something from this world called blogging, and hopefully those saved earnings will make me buy this little monster if not this year, maybe next year or the year after. I’m crossing my 10 fingers here… I still have hope. Who knows…