Thursday, January 26, 2012

January 25, My Birthday

On January 25, 2012, I turned another year older. I had applied for sick leave because I was not feeling well. I had runny nose, headaches, and sore throat remnants from the sickness I got the day before. But everything went well, after I had some rest and water therapy (I'm afraid to take medicine). By dinner time I was ready to greet my friends who went over to our house for a little birthday celebration.

We've prepared home made pork humba and sotanghon, pork sisig (from Monterey), chopsuey (Paeng's Resto) and lumpia (Lai-Lai Garden), chocolate moist cake (Sweet Cravings). Thanks to Earl, Joven and Nice for bringing in one length chocolate cake roll and 1 layer butterscotch cookies from Goldilocks as birthday present.

As you can see no seafoods were served because until now people in Iligan City are still afraid to eat fish, squid or any other salt water foods, because of typhoon Sendong.

These simple foods that we had on our table had surely nourished us and everyone had a great time. The gang went home after midnight.