Sunday, January 1, 2012

Spending Christmas 2011

We've spent our Christmas at my parents in law's home at Bukidnon, we left on the 24th around 10am and had arrived there together with my SIL and her husband and her son around 6PM.

Hubby's family celebrated Christmas differently, they usually just sleep on the 24th with no noche buena, or gift giving etc., simply sleep the night out like any ordinary day. I was shocked when I spent Christmas for the first time before but eventually had adapted because that is their way of celebrating unlike what we usually had with my family in Zamboanga City.

But their real celebration usually starts on the 25th morning wherein hubby's family will allocate 1 or 2 of their livestock just for the occasion. This time they had prepared 1 whole lechon baboy (roasted pig) and several viands made out of goat's meat. Most of hubby's relatives, cousins, nephews and nieces had joined us for lunch.

So as a gift to the kids, we brought with us one box of Fuji apples.

The box has approximately 80 pieces of apples but we forgot to leave behind even a single piece for new year. So I ended up buying 3 pieces of Fuji Apple alongside with eight nine more fruits for our New Year fruit basket.