Wednesday, February 1, 2012

BPC 32/366 [ Box of Toys ]

Welcome to the first day of February 2012. Since BPC is changing host every month might as well switching my post from my photo blog here to my son's blog also for a month. Sounds great to me, but still I'm crossing my fingers here hoping to I can religiously complete this month's BPC featuring anything about or related to my little koala Xye.

My share today is a plastic storage box full of Xye's toys. I hope soon little koala will learn how to put his toys in this box after playing.


  1. I am planning to buy a plastic box for my kids too. Visiting for Project 366 Blog Photo Challenge at ^_^

  2. hehehe very busy Koala of yours Mommy :-) am sure he will learn to put his toys soon. Visiting from #32 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. thats great sis! i hope he will learn to return his toys in the box after playing. mine doesnt. =( he is already 2, but he just toss his toys up in the air and everywhere until he filled our living room with toys, sometimes you can even walk in the living room without stepping on it. lol. that bad! hehe. i usually pick them up after their in bed. whew! theres no sense in picking them up all the time coz they will be on the floor again after a minute. lol.

    visiting #32 of BPC

  4. They like to have their toys all over the place just like our kiddo here..

    Visiting for # 32 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)

  5. Toys! They are our little one's world! Lol.

    Visiting for yesterday's BPC

  6. awsssss... so many toys...i can relate! i have baskets and boxes of toys too...ang uban gihatag na nako... gilabay na pud ang mga guba... kids!!! visiting from BPC 32

  7. I should've shared my boys with toys in mommy vix's meme. huhuhu Sharing to you My 39/366 BPC.


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