Tuesday, March 13, 2012

All About Stretch Marks

I still have those frustrating stretch marks in my tummy, legs, underarm, and breast areas. I got them in 2010 when I got pregnant for the first time and those stretch marks will always remind me that I had became a mother finally. Now that I’m having my second child, I think I’ll be adding more marks on the same areas. I really need information on how to prevent and treat them.

But what really are stretch marks and how do we get them? Stretch marks are actually scars on skin after over stretching the skin due to rapid weight increase or weight loss, pregnancy, body building, change of hormones, etc. Because of this rapid skin stretching, the middle layer of the skin usually tears off leaving behind an off-color hue. This off-color hue on the skin is what we call the stretch marks.

Everybody who has it really wants to eliminate it. But how? Is there such thing as stretch mark removal? To date there are no specific method in completely eliminating stretch marks but there are a lot of methods used to lighten those marks and making it hardly visible. It can be a surgery procedure, peeling off skin, creams and other natural remedies.

There are a lot of creams and gels available in the market today, that can help lighten or moisturize affected areas of the skin, but creams and gels are not that effective in treating stretch although some did help in minimizing it.

Home remedies are sometimes effective too. Many women had tried using olive oil and aloe vera to help minimize stretch marks appearance. Olive oil is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins A, D and E that will help nourish the skin making it softer and healthier and eventually minimizing those marks away. The same with aloe vera, it has natural vitamins and minerals that will help affected skin areas. It is good for reducing stretch marks because it contains plant collagen that can nourish skin and penetrates deeply into the skin.

More tips and information regarding treatment and prevention of stretch marks can be found at

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Playing with my Rock-a-Stack

Xye's favorite toy is his Fisher Price Rack-a-Stack, he loves to play with the colorful donut rings, and look he already know how to stack them one by one.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Waking Up in a New House

March 2012 is a kind of busy month for us because its what we call the transition period of moving in a new office, in a new house, in a new neighborhood and in a new city. Yes, the day has come that we need to move out from Iligan City and transfer to Cagayan de Oro City because of work. We have not totally transferred yet in CDO but every week I have to report in my new office.

Last week since hubby had 3 straight night shifts, I can't bring myself to CDO leaving behind my little boy at home in Iligan City only with his caretaker for 3 nights. So I have decided to bring him along with his "yaya" and stayed in our newly rented space in CDO.

He woke up early morning of March 6, 2012 at our new space, smiled and made face in front of the camera and after a while walked around the house. Oh, and he inspected the TV which is within his reach. Our TV set was placed on the floor temporarily because we had not able to bring a table or tv stand with us.

up and yawned
up and smiled
up and made face
checking out the house
inspecting the TV set on the floor

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Chocolate with Pistachio

Got these 2 bars of chocolate as a "pasalubong" from my half brother, a seaman who had arrived home last week. Thanks brother!

Aside from these chocolates, I got also a Starbucks Mug from New Orleans and 1 TB hard drive to be posted later. weeeh!