Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mall Strolling with Alexa

Yesterday Mom and I went to fetch Ninang Ann and her daughter Alexa at the bus terminal. Ate Joy (my yaya)  was with us also because I can't sit on my own yet in the car seat while mama's driving. We went directly to Lim Ket Kai Mall for dinner after a while went strolling and ridden some moving arcade rides.

Though this car moves when a token is dropped but Alexa and I preferred an stationary one, the car's movement made us so dizzy.

I was the driver and Alexa was my pretty passenger. We really had a great time!

I want to share this precious moment with my friend Alexa for the following meme:

Caramel Popcorn

After visiting the supermarket for our grocery supplies last Saturday at Gaisano, hubby and I went to Robinson's Department Store and got ourselves this delicious caramel popcorn from Chef Tony. Want some?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yummy Egg Pie

One of my favorites from Goldilocks is their yummy egg pie, I do enjoy eating it a lot in fact I can devour half layer of it. Imagine that's how greedy I am. lol..

When my 1 year and 5 month old picky eater son tasted this too he was able to finish 1 slice except the crust of course. Now I know what I can give him for  snacks that he can enjoy eating.


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Enjoying My New Spidey Chair

Mom bought me this very nice Red Spiderman chair last month. I do enjoy sitting on it sometimes but I prefer playing with most of time by turning it upside down. But this time I settled myself in for few minutes while watching my  favorite portion on TV, that is the advertisements. I never thought I looked this serious until mom showed me these pictures.

By the way this is my first post that I'm writing, what's on my mind, although mom will do the encoding and interpretation for me. 

Serious Driver

This cute little driver is so curiously and seriously examining the steering wheel. 

It's actually his first time to "hop in" in a token operated kiddie ride. No wonder he's that serious...

My New HD, My New Partner

When I asked my half-brother to buy me a 1 TB portable hard drive in one of the countries he'll be going to, I never expected him to really buy it for me. Because, long time ago whenever I asked him to buy something for me he never complied.But this time it's different, he really did bought the gadget for me when he was in Japan. 

Hmmm... Seems like he's trying to patch up the differences we had and is trying to be a good brother for once. hihihi

Actually I did offered to pay the gadget, but he did not receive it. Well, at least as his youngest sister he did got level up points from me this time. lol

To date, I'm confining my very bulky 1tb hard drive at home and happy to bring along with me my new partner my very portable white 1 terabytes hard drive.

Thanks big brother for this wonderful and useful gadget.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Penguin and Christmas Tree

My cousin brought me 4 Starbucks mugs as pasalubong from Afghanistan. Although there's no Starbucks Coffee Shop there but she managed to get me these mugs through online shopping.

So perfect for Ruby Tuesday, here's one of the 4 mugs that I got. A Penguin and Christmas Tree designed ceramic mug, I believed to be the 2007 Christmas Edition Mug.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Can I Use Sunglasses Too?

That questions seems to be on Xye's mind while he was trying to take off his father's sunglasses.

He sure was busy but after a while they sensed me taking some snaps so they looked at my way and smiled.

A very beautiful sight of a Father and Son bonding.

I'm Back Online

My last post was dated March 13, 2012 exactly a month and 2 days ago. Wonder why? That is because my family and I had taken new chapter in our lives by leaving behind our old neighborhood, the place we had lived in for years, we are making our new home in a new place in a new city.

Just yesterday I had a new internet connection that means from now on I can continue my life here in the blogosphere. I hope to be diligent enough to update my blogs and as well as visit other blogs.

Meantime, this is my new temporary/permanent work station using my new desktop computer. winkz*

See you then...:)