Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Enjoying My New Spidey Chair

Mom bought me this very nice Red Spiderman chair last month. I do enjoy sitting on it sometimes but I prefer playing with most of time by turning it upside down. But this time I settled myself in for few minutes while watching my  favorite portion on TV, that is the advertisements. I never thought I looked this serious until mom showed me these pictures.

By the way this is my first post that I'm writing, what's on my mind, although mom will do the encoding and interpretation for me. 


  1. very serious looking! they do that really when they watch tv! nice chair! by the way, i also plan to make my kids' blog written like this... hehehe.. was here for WW!

  2. nice chair! looking so serious... they always have that look when they watch tv... by the way, i also plan to have my kids' blog written this way...just a plan though... was here for WW!

  3. hahaha, so the ads is your favorite portion, huh? cute! you're getting so big, xye. it's amazing how a chair could not just be a chair to kids. thanks for the visit, janz!

  4. awww kacute :) spidey seem to come back in getting trendy these days. hope you could visit my Wednesday whites :)

  5. awww! what a cute he is Sis :-) love his WHITE outfit, perfect for the warm weather outside :-) Dropping by from WW


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