Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My New HD, My New Partner

When I asked my half-brother to buy me a 1 TB portable hard drive in one of the countries he'll be going to, I never expected him to really buy it for me. Because, long time ago whenever I asked him to buy something for me he never complied.But this time it's different, he really did bought the gadget for me when he was in Japan. 

Hmmm... Seems like he's trying to patch up the differences we had and is trying to be a good brother for once. hihihi

Actually I did offered to pay the gadget, but he did not receive it. Well, at least as his youngest sister he did got level up points from me this time. lol

To date, I'm confining my very bulky 1tb hard drive at home and happy to bring along with me my new partner my very portable white 1 terabytes hard drive.

Thanks big brother for this wonderful and useful gadget.