Thursday, May 31, 2012

It is More Fun in The Box

I have two boxes full of toys at home, 1 plastic storage box and 1 recycle box from bear brand milk. I love to play and mess up all the toys inside the boxes, aside from that I find it more fun getting inside the box. Of the two boxes I prefer squeezing myself in the "bear brand carton" box. Even it has a lot of toys in it, I still enjoy sitting on top of everything. Just like the picture below.

Seeing me in this state, mom asked Ate Joy to keep all the big toys inside the big plastic storage box and only the small ones be placed in the bear brand box. Now I have more space in the box after taking everything out.

I'll sometimes spend time in the box first before taking a bath.


  1. hello cute li'l one. I see you're having fun with the box, hehe. dropping by in here. happy weekend!

  2. awww! boxes full of toys...that is fun to play cutie :-) Returning from Wednesday Whites

  3. Kids are always like that,whenever you bought them a toys,they will play longer with the box than the toy itself, lol!

  4. hehehe.. so cute! he's really having so much fun in the box! late visit from WW!

  5. awww... look at those adorable curls! thanks for joining WW, Jan!

  6. Aww. I remember when my babies use to play in boxes too. They would spend hours in there! Lol.


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