Monday, May 28, 2012

It's a GIRL

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound to check my baby's vitals, body measurements, the placenta position, and of course my baby's gender. Everything were normal except that at this point in time my baby is in breech position. 

By the way, what is a "breech presentation? Breech is a position of the fetus wherein the feet or the buttock lies closest to the cervix. According to the sonologist yesterday, my baby's buttock lies near the cervix instead of the head. But according to what I have read also,  at this point in time fetuses are usually in this position, and normally will rotate to it's normal position when approaching to term. Well, I do hope this will happen in my case, or I'll end up in c-section, which I do not like to happen. 

Furthermore, the good news that hubby and I had received yesterday was that we'll be having a GIRL in our family soon. Yep! I have prayed and wish for a girl to be our second child after having our very beautiful son Xyrus as first born. 

God is so good all the time. He will surely listen and give you what you want if you earnestly ask for it. Thanks so much Lord for another bundle of joy, for hearing our prayers and for being with us always.