Friday, May 4, 2012

Takoyaki Balls

I have seen so many Takoyaki food carts everywhere but I never bothered to try what a "takoyaki japanese ball" is,  until on April 30, 2012 when I went to Gaisano Bulua Branch, here in Cagayan de Oro City. I purposely went to Gaisano that time because I was so hungry after work and I needed something to eat before proceeding to the bus terminal to fetch hubby.

I settled to take some snacks from the foodcarts. First of all I bought one (1) hotdog on stick but unfortunately it was not enough to fill-up my hungry stomach. I supposed to buy another hotdog stick but was tempted to try takoyaki instead after seeing so many people lining up and buying these japanese balls. So I decided to try it too, I bought 1 order (3 balls) with hot and spicy sauce.

And wonder people love to eat it because it really does taste good, I think I'm falling in love with it for the first time or maybe because I was just very hungry that time and any food will taste good for me. lol.. I think, I should try it again next time, and find out if it really is delicious. winkz*