Monday, June 25, 2012

Slides at the Kidy Park

I had a great time playing at the Kidy Park, SM Cagayan de Oro City for the first time. Ate Joy accompanied me inside, while mom is my usual camera woman.

I wanted to try the slides but I was afraid I might fall. Ate Joy helped me climbed on it, and guided me. I slide down several times before trying it on my own. Yep! You read it right I was able to slide down on my own but Ate Joy has to place me on top of the slide again and again because I do not know how to climb on my own yet.

It was so exciting and I even tried all three slides at the Kidy Park.

Slide Number 1

Slide Number 2

And Slide Number 3

I had so much fun. I wish Mom will be a slide for me but I know it is very expensive. So I guess I look forward for another play time at Kidy Park.


  1. Wow Jan ito na ba yung baby mo? Ang laki na pala! Thanks sa bisita doon sa Water World Wednesday
    hope you join next time. ^_^

  2. i wasn't too keen on the slide myself when i was little, the first time i enjoyed them fully was just early this year! am sure it will now be one of your favorites whenever you go to play areas! :)

    thanks for always joining k.i.d, this week's edition will be up in a while, i will see you then! :)

  3. Been wanting to try a similar playroom last week with my little one. I didn't know that they'd require us to wear socks. Oh, well, next time... looks so much fun!


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