Monday, June 25, 2012

Stillbirth: Blame the Eclipse

I blogged about the Miscarriage and Eclipse last month because my friend had a miscarriage the day after the eclipse on May 21, 2012.

I had my ultrasound too that day and had very good news because I’ll be having a little girl soon. I was on my 28th week that time and everything was normal except that my baby was small for her age.

 I thought I was guarded by wearing black shirt the day the eclipse had occurred but I guess I was wrong.

Because on June 21, 2012 after I had my pre-natal and ultrasound I found out that my little girl inside me was gone, there was no heart beat seen or heard during the ultrasound. It was so painful and my heart had almost stopped because of the shocking news. 

The doctor told me that one probable reason the baby did not survive because of her size. Accordingly, she was too small at 32 weeks. 

I cannot accept the fact that my dearest angel had left us, maybe because I was at fault too, because I wasn’t able to take care of her, or I wasn’t careful at all. And just to ease the pain and console myself, I think I’ll be blaming this horrible event to the natural phenomenon called eclipse. 

I know that God has reasons why it happened. Why He had to take back what He had given us. No matter what, I still thank Him for giving us our little angel that will forever watch over us from Heaven.