Monday, July 30, 2012

Cebu Pacific CDO to ZC Route

Read this a while ago. And guess what? Cebu Pacific will be flying to Zamboanga City my hometown from Cagayan de Oro City starting October 20, 2012. Yep! It is really good news for us because going home will be easier and convenient, compared to land travel that will take us about 12 hours.

You can read more about it here.

Xye's 1st Birthday Pictures

These pictures from my son's first birthday were finally printed yesterday.

Being a stay at home mom for a while because I am on two months leave from work, I was able to layout Xye's 1st Birthday pictures.  Yeah! these are from his 1st Birthday last November 15, 2012, too late huh..

I made the templates first so that it will be easy for me to insert the photos. I made it looked like from a photo booth with picture size of 5"x7" (5R).

Now it will be easier to reminisce the event without turning "ON" the computer.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Disney Magic English and More

Two weeks ago, two lady agents came to our house and sold me these learning materials from Grolier. The impulse buyer me was convinced to buy these stuffs worth P13,000+ without further thinking. After I got the items, that's the time I asked myself why I bought them and it's way too expensive.

Probably I was convinced with the marketing strategy of buying the Disney Magic English (with 13 activity books and 13 dvds) for P13,000 and get the Fun Thinkers and Illustrated Dictionary for free.

Disney Magic English Set

The Fun Thinkers Activity books is worth P8000+ alone (the one I'm attracted too), but I can get it for free if I buy the Magic English set plus the dictionary. Marketing marketing! And they got me.

Fun Thinkers

Illustrated Dictionary
 Anyway since I already got them, might as well use them for my son soon.

Another Tricycle Ride

Xye really had a great time riding the tricycle that we've borrowed from his cousin.

Ate Aida allowed us to bring the trike with us for a while because his son Adrian (Xye's cousin) loves to turn the trike upside down instead riding on it.

Xye the driver, while his cousin Adrian pushing the trike. Taken at my sister in law's house.

 Yesterday, Xye indeed enjoyed the trike, although he can't reach the pedals yet.

His "Yaya" Ate Joy pushed the trike for him.

Since, he can't reach the pedal hmmmm.. look where he placed his feet instead. lol.. (pagkayahay sa life)
I think we need to ask Papa Jes to get him a bicycle, because we'll be returning this trike to the owner soon.. :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Things About Me


Since I wasn’t able to join last week’s meme, I made sure that this week I’ll be joining the fun. 

This week’s topic 30 Things About Me is hosted by Miss Sanna of Woman Scribbles.  

Feel free to read these 30 not so interesting things about myself. 

1. I was named January because I was born in first month of the year.

2. Youngest in the family. I have two half siblings from my mother and two half siblings from my  father and an older brother from both, so that makes us a total of six.

3. A talkative and funny girl (I guessed) when with my closest friends, but shy and silent with others.

4. My husband was my first and last boyfriend. We’ve been in a relationship for seven years before we decided to settle down in 2008. 

5. My son is my biggest treasure. I had another treasure supposedly due next month but had lost her last month.

6. An electrical engineer by profession, working in one of the biggest corporation in the Philippines and is my primary source of income.

7. A blogger wannabe, even though
8. I’m poor in English, both written and oral.

9. A self proclaimed handmade jewelry artisan, you can check my crafts here.

10. I love nail polishes and nail arts.

11. I don’t wear make-up. Pressed powder and lip gloss will do.

12. I love bags and shoes (only those an average wage earner can afford)

13. A clutch driver (my left foot always on top of the clutch pedal) but I’m
 trying my best to avoid being one.

14. I love my motorcycle, but have given up driving it dahil perwisyo pag tag-ulan.

15. I love photography and I want to learn more about it but I think my DSLR will be retiring soon and I desperately need another.

16. A coffee drinker.

17. A Korean drama addict.

18. I love to sing but singing is not for me because I’m always out of tune.

19. I want to dance but my body is too stiff.

20. A born athlete because I can easily learn sports except swimming, because
21. I do not know how to swim.

22. A Badminton enthusiast and in love with tournaments. Before getting married and during my two year stay in Metro Manila (2006-2008), I have joined almost all tournaments that I can qualify. That’s the reason why I have survived the life in the Metro.  

23. I love to play with Photoshop. I even did the layout of our wedding photo story book. 

24. Impulsive buyer. Imagine I just bought a P13,000 worth of educational materials from Grolier. Yikes! Napa-isip ako tuloy kung bakit ko binili ang mga yun, pero ok na lang din para sa anak ko naman.
25. I used to love books, but not anymore because I don’t have time to read.

26. Ukay-ukay Queen. Most of my son’s clothes are branded (from US), got them all from ukay-ukay. hehe

27. I have at least 20 Starbucks Mugs in my collection and hoping to add more.

28. Most comfortable with jeans, tees and flip flops.

29. Love chocolates, cakes, desserts but trying my best to avoid them because

30. I’m extremely obese and I desperately need to lose weight.  

whew! Thirty is indeed a very long list. How about you? Care to share your list too? Join BC Bloggers and enjoy the fun.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Hair Rebonded

I always had my hair rebonded before at my favorite salon in Iligan City, but after transferring here in Cagayan de Oro I have to find another salon that I can go every time I need pampering. Finally, I found one and it's near our subdivision.

Last Friday, I spent 6 hours at the salon, thankfully the gay beautician is not scary looking, so I was able to survive the 6 hours with him. lol..In fairness he works so well, very gentle and formal.

And this is how I look now after my hair had been rebonded.

And I had a manicure too. :)

Tricycle Ride

This is one of the toys at Kidy Park that Xye came to love, the blue and yellow tricycle.

 We don't have this kind of toy at home yet, so he's enjoying it while playing at the play park.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"A" You're Adorable

Now what! This little guy likes to mess around every time I'm doing something on my PC. He even have his new seat, the CPU.

Look at him seriously watching "A" You're Adorable (Alphabet Song) as if he understand. Lol.. At least he loves watching and listening to it, I hope soon he will sing along with it.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Samsung S2 Leather Case

I so love my new phone, the Samsung Galaxy S2 android phone. Since, it is an expensive gadget, I want it to be protected from scratches at all times. I wanted a leather case with a sense of style just like those that I have seen in Korean dramas. 

But I have no time to roam around the city and look for it. I assumed that I can't find them here, so my next option was to buy it online.

Multiply is one online marketplace in the Philippines where I do my online shopping, because it has buyer protect features and a lot of trusted sellers. Actually I do have an online shop in multiply too.

I found this Ozaki Leather case for Samsung Galaxy S2 with screen protector at Simplishop for P729.00.  This is the cheapest I found after browsing so many, most of the leather cases are at P2000+. 

Anyway, the price was not bad at all for me because the delivery was free. 

So here's the actual item delivered by LBC.

My cellphone now looks chic and elegant. winkz!

Spiderman Back Pack

I thought of buying my son Xye a back pack so that when we go on strolling at malls we can have him carry his own bag with milk inside. 

Last Saturday, I finally find one for him, a Spider-Sense Spiderman kiddie back pack from Marvel Kids. SM City is the answer for me if I want something nice, quality and cool items. A P299.00 bag is not that expensive for me.

Too excited, I let Xye try it. He's walking around the house after I placed the bag on his back (sorry for the blurry picture) but when he saw his father, he wanted Papa Jes to carry him. 

I was busy taking the picture but the timing was not good.

First Xye was looking at me with an angry look, while Papa was looking at the mirror.

When Papa Jes had turned towards my direction with a matching smile, it was Xye's to looked at the mirror. yikes!

What should I do so that this little boy will smile at the camera? Hmmm... I sang ABCD while holding the camera and viola! I got smiles from both of them.

Blue Wedding

My husband and his elder sister were chosen as principal sponsors on last week's wedding with motif "blue". Hubby asked us (myself and our son) to tag along, while hubby was sitting in the sponsors area, and us sitting somewhere at the back, I played a somewhat camera man and photographed anything blue to post on this blog.

And these were the blues that I pointed my camera at.

the invitation

the couple while exchanging vows

the bridal car

hubby and her sister

Weddings are indeed one happy event in a couples life.

Sharing this for Blue Monday.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Future Electrical Engineer

I wonder if this little guy will become an electrical engineer just like his parents?

Because he's messing around with our copy of Philippine Electrical Code at home.

Croc Crocs Replica

I bought these crocs replicas from Cogon Market last Saturday. Although I wanted to buy the original ones for Xye but I find it too expensive. An original sandals cost around P2000 per pair while these two replicas I bought only at P200.00, imagine the difference. Of course the original are of quality and brand but my son will only have use those for the next 4 months at most. 
For me, it is really impractical to buy too expensive shoes and clothes for a toddler because they grow up too fast.

Fruits & Vegetables Salad

With my goal of losing weight pound by pound (on my own), I had to engage myself in physical activity, an exercise. And since this morning I started with a 30 minute walk, the goal will not be achieved without diet to go along with it. 

This evening, I have his fruit and vegetable salad for dinner. The salad was composed of a ripe mango, apple, cucumber and lettuce. There was a had thousand island dressing too, but I chose to have vinegar.

Hmmmm... discipline..discipline.. I hope I'll be able to to this in the next days to come. Goodluck to me! ?:)

Start Losing Weight

Yesterday, I visited my doctor and one of her advise was for me to be able to healthily get pregnant is to lose those fats away. After gaining too much weight during my first and second pregnancy, losing those excess fats is really impossible. But after I lost my second child at 32 weeks of pregnancy just 3 weeks ago, I'm hoping and praying to get pregnant again, because I really want another child. If losing weight is the solution for me to healthily carry a child again, I'm determined to try my very best.

To start my goal, this morning I went for a walk from our house to the highway and back. I walked a total of 30 minutes for a start, and hoping to do the same tomorrow morning and the days to come.

By August, I'll return to the court again and play my favorite game badminton with hubby and some friends. And hope this will really help me achieve my goal.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wooden Number Board

I was looking for wooden alphabet blocks for my son yesterday at SM City Department Store here in Cagayan de Oro City but to no avail, instead I found this wooden number board.

I do hope my son will enjoy this educational toy if not now maybe soon.

Sharing this for Pink Friday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Baby Boy in Diaper

I had another play with my android phone. Using PicsArt I made a collage of Xye's photos.

The photos were taken on June 1, 2012. The actor, my son was enjoying the photoshoot while watching TV in his diaper.

Actually he's supposed to be on his way to the bathroom but because advertisement was on the TV screen he paused and positioned himself at the sofa.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Photo Story Telling: Xye's Xpression

Another BC Blogger Meme this week, although I only got 5 comments on last week's meme but still I'm here sharing something for this week, who knows I might have more comments than last week. hays!

This week is about sharing a photo with a little story to go along with it. Browsing my June 2012 folder, I got this photo of my son Xye, what do you think he's trying to say?

Maybe, if only he can talk he would have told the photographer of this photo (that's me) "Ma let's go, I'm all dressed up now, let's hurry the toys at the Kidy Park SM City are waiting for me!".  But I don't want to go yet without taking his photo. By the way Kidy Park is a play area for children wherein you will pay per hour every time you left your kids there to play.

My little boy looks cute with the expression right? Love it! Anak ko eh! hehehe

You can check out other entries from this week's host Toned Down and Vintage. You can join the fun too by signing in with BC Blogger.

A Cup of Koppicino

After seven months of self-restraint from drinking coffee, I finally had my first full cup of Koppicino from Kopiko.

I love coffee! I'm a certified coffee lover and this new coffee craze from Kopiko really suits my taste. 

Rest in Peace Dolphy

Last night while watching Willing Willy on TV5, there was a long pause from the TV show host Willie Revillame and he started talking on his cellphone. After his 2-3 minutes conversation, he announced that the comedy king has passed away. 

Dolphy (Voltaire Domingo/NPPA Images)

Dolphy, the comedy king of Philippine movies and television had passed away at the age of 83 after a month in the hospital battling from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

Although he had left us physically but his legacy will remain with us. A deep sympathy to his love ones. My his soul rest in peace. 

Monday, July 9, 2012

Little Gardener

Every afternoon (if not raining), we allowed Xye to play outside and I think his favorite play is touching or grabbing soil and stones, but not that big stones but the small one. I do not know what really is in his mind, but I have observed he likes to play on something small. Even toys he preferred playing with small ones especially with moving parts just like his Ferrari cars from Shell.

See those growing plants near the fence, those are newly planted "okra", Xye had pulled out some of it. Luckily, he did not mess around with the bigger ones, they are now growing fast and soon we'll have vegetable to harvest.

Halo-Halo from Goldilocks

Even though it's raining in the afternoon but still the weather is hot. Thus, a serve of Pinoy Halo-Halo is the best refreshment for season like this.

Halo-halo is a actually a very popular Filipino dessert, it is a mixture of fruits, sweet beans, shaved ice and evaporated milk. Best served with additional scoop of ice cream and leche flan.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Serious Taxi Driver

A father and son bonding on Father's Days last month. Xye driving the the Taxi arcade ride while papa tried to pose with him. Hmmm... little driver looks so serious.. lol

This digiscrap was done using PicsArt application that I have downloaded for my android phone.  I did some tweaks and that's the result. cute! :)

Pomelos and Pineapples

Last weeks it was our company's 3rd Regional Sportsfest, employees from different department all over Mindanao came over to Cagayan de Oro City to compete in different sports event such us, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, bowling etc. Just like in the 1st Sportsfest, I wasn't able to join the event.

Anyway, all my friends who were athletes came to join the activity. And look what I got from my BFFs from Davao City for pasalubong...

Pomelos all the way from Davao City

and Pineapples from Don Bosco, Bukidnon.

Thanks to my best friends for life Jefer and Charry for the fruity pasalubong. Love Yah! mwah!