Tuesday, July 24, 2012

30 Things About Me


Since I wasn’t able to join last week’s meme, I made sure that this week I’ll be joining the fun. 

This week’s topic 30 Things About Me is hosted by Miss Sanna of Woman Scribbles.  

Feel free to read these 30 not so interesting things about myself. 

1. I was named January because I was born in first month of the year.

2. Youngest in the family. I have two half siblings from my mother and two half siblings from my  father and an older brother from both, so that makes us a total of six.

3. A talkative and funny girl (I guessed) when with my closest friends, but shy and silent with others.

4. My husband was my first and last boyfriend. We’ve been in a relationship for seven years before we decided to settle down in 2008. 

5. My son is my biggest treasure. I had another treasure supposedly due next month but had lost her last month.

6. An electrical engineer by profession, working in one of the biggest corporation in the Philippines and is my primary source of income.

7. A blogger wannabe, even though
8. I’m poor in English, both written and oral.

9. A self proclaimed handmade jewelry artisan, you can check my crafts here.

10. I love nail polishes and nail arts.

11. I don’t wear make-up. Pressed powder and lip gloss will do.

12. I love bags and shoes (only those an average wage earner can afford)

13. A clutch driver (my left foot always on top of the clutch pedal) but I’m
 trying my best to avoid being one.

14. I love my motorcycle, but have given up driving it dahil perwisyo pag tag-ulan.

15. I love photography and I want to learn more about it but I think my DSLR will be retiring soon and I desperately need another.

16. A coffee drinker.

17. A Korean drama addict.

18. I love to sing but singing is not for me because I’m always out of tune.

19. I want to dance but my body is too stiff.

20. A born athlete because I can easily learn sports except swimming, because
21. I do not know how to swim.

22. A Badminton enthusiast and in love with tournaments. Before getting married and during my two year stay in Metro Manila (2006-2008), I have joined almost all tournaments that I can qualify. That’s the reason why I have survived the life in the Metro.  

23. I love to play with Photoshop. I even did the layout of our wedding photo story book. 

24. Impulsive buyer. Imagine I just bought a P13,000 worth of educational materials from Grolier. Yikes! Napa-isip ako tuloy kung bakit ko binili ang mga yun, pero ok na lang din para sa anak ko naman.
25. I used to love books, but not anymore because I don’t have time to read.

26. Ukay-ukay Queen. Most of my son’s clothes are branded (from US), got them all from ukay-ukay. hehe

27. I have at least 20 Starbucks Mugs in my collection and hoping to add more.

28. Most comfortable with jeans, tees and flip flops.

29. Love chocolates, cakes, desserts but trying my best to avoid them because

30. I’m extremely obese and I desperately need to lose weight.  

whew! Thirty is indeed a very long list. How about you? Care to share your list too? Join BC Bloggers and enjoy the fun.


  1. Hi January! Im following you back:) thanks a lot!

  2. Wow! You are an electrical engineer and drives a motorcycles? Boyish? So sorry to hear that you lost your another treasure.

    I am joining this meme, I hope you can drop by here

  3. Btw, your comment form messed up, in google chrome, the submit button does not display while in FF you have to use the tab to be able to type in the Captcha and click submit.

    Try commenting when you are not logged on.

  4. I can relate with you at no. 21 and 30. lol. I also love badminton though I had not played for a while.

  5. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your other treasure :(

    That was some interesting facts about you :) I always admired people who are good with sports cause I've always been a couch potato haha.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  6. you're choco lover too like me :)

    thanks for the visit

  7. I used to have few pairs of fit flops nasira na lahat..wala pang budget pambili ng bago, I also love nail polish..

    My list is up at

    see yeah!!!

  8. I think pareho tayo, need to lose weight... hehehe.. It's nice getting to know you more with this meme

    late visit from bc blogger.

  9. I can relate to ALMOST EVERYTHING on your list!
    Only numbers 1-14 doesn't fit me. I'm sorry for your loss, btw. But everything happens for a reason. :)


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