Sunday, July 1, 2012

Chocolate Drink

Xye is a very picky eater, until now at age 1 year and 7 months he doesn't want to eat rice. He rather eat "Cerelac" with soup than rice or "lugaw". Whenever you give him something to eat he will inspect first what is on the spoon or in your hand before opening his mouth, but at least he does eat biscuits.

And lately he has a new favorite for snacks, chocolate drinks like Alaska Choco and Nestle Chuckie. 

I do hope his appetite will improve and will eventually eat rice and other viands, including vegetables and fruits.


  1. Such a pretty child. Goody little boy :)

  2. Cute kid.
    My son is no tthat picky in foods, He love veggies and fish than chicken and pork meat.
    One time, we tried to give him Chuckie too but he does not want the taste, I don't know why. Perhaps his mommy does not want to eat chocolates during her pregnancy to him. Is there a relation? hehehe

  3. have you tried giving him appetite enhancers like appebon or propan? it might work. :) good luck!

  4. Sis, our kids are approximately the same age. My kid is picky too but here are the things he eat, maybe you can try it too with your son: corn, fries from real potatoes, banana, pancake, sliced carrots, young corn, rice, champorado, grapes, orange, apple, and yakult. haha


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